Sometimes the reasons are too esoteric to put into words. Sometimes riding is believing. No matter what we say to you here, we challenge you to go test ride a Niner at your local Niner dealer or at a Niner Demo Tour event and see for yourself. Talk to a Niner owner and we guarantee that the owner’s response will be more information than you asked for. Life changing? Maybe. We’ve heard it before.

The basic concept of the larger diameter is simple: it will keep your wheels on top of oncoming obstacles. Rather than riding IN the terrain, you’ll be riding ABOVE it, gaining more control and stability on even the roughest trails. Think of the difference between a skateboard wheel and monster truck tire. The skateboard wheel can come to a grinding halt on a pebble while the monster truck wheel can crush granny’s Oldsmobile. Yes, this example is a little extreme, but you get the idea.

The larger wheel offers increased rotational inertia, which in turn improves the bike’s stability. The extra three inches also increases the amount of tire contacting the ground at any one moment, meaning enhanced tire bite. Dump a Niner into a corner at full speeds and you’ll find that the unparalleled grip and stability will hold to lean angles you never thought possible.

What about speed? 29 is just plain faster. Validated in testing by magazines such as Bike Germany and Velo News, and by that guy who just got a lot faster in your riding group, the advantages of 29 in racing applications are easy to see.

With all the bikes now available, what makes our models best? Niner didn’t just stuff larger wheels on to an existing chassis. It required a lot of work and testing to dial in the geometry to feel right in all situations. Our design parameters from the beginning were to design a bike that didn’t require a learning curve. Since all we do is 29ers, we had to get it right. Expectations were understandably high. The result: Niner’s dedication to The Big Revolution has been critically acclaimed by some of the top bicycling magazines in the world.